Why Choose Aerobic Exercises Over Diets


Tamika Douglas

Why Choose Aerobic Exercises Over Diets

What comes to mind when you think of dieting? I’m sure it’s the thought of the intake of low calorie food in small quantities. And if you are a foodie, then dieting is going to crush you inside. Don’t get scared yet, dieting won’t kill you! You just have to be a bit more careful with your food intake.

Dieting is supervising or regulating the intake of food to maintain and reduce body weight. Dieting is based on the reduction of any macronutrients that include fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

It is a tried and tested fact, and research say that while dieting, weight may drop temporarily, but because it is temporary it tends to come back within 5 to 7years. So when you think about it, it’s not of much use if you’re planning weight-loss only through dieting.

In today’s technologically advanced world, our lifestyle matters. We have become sluggish and lethargic with the availability of technology. This type of lifestyle has corrupted our body with fat and laziness. That means, to be fit, healthy and active, exercise is important.

You sometimes see your neighbour or models and think, ‘I wish I could be like them’, Right? For this exercise is the key. They exercise as well as eat healthy.

Aerobic exercises maximize oxygen levels in the blood, which helps you use the oxygen more effectively. Aerobic exercise, also known as cardiovascular exercise, has various benefits of which some are listed below:

Weight reduction
The first and foremost benefit is weight regulation. Aerobic exercise helps reduce and control body weight. With the right diet and good exercise, one can easily lose or regulate body weight.

Improves the immune system
Another benefit is strengthening of the immunity system. According to researchers, a regular and moderate aerobic exercise increases certain antibodies in the blood called immunoglobulins, which helps to strengthen the immune system.

Improves cardiovascular health
Aerobic exercise is an amazing cardio exercise and helps to improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Performing the best type of exercise according to your requirements strengthens the heart muscles which further pumps blood efficiently throughout your body.

Reduces high blood pressure
You know aerobic exercise strengthens the heart leading to stronger heart muscles during exercise routines as well. This lowers blood pressure alongside strengthening of the heart and further includes improving general health and fitness of the body.

Decreases diseases
It is tried and tested that aerobic exercises reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. It also decreases anxiety, stress, depression, and helps you lead a more stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

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