Recommended Aerobic Equipment


Tamika Douglas

Recommended Aerobic Equipment

Aerobic equipment makes exercising more fun and at the same time burns calories faster. Aerobics is not only good for your body but your overall health.

Aerobic equipment replicates movements included in aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, rowing, hiking, biking, and so forth. These activities rhythmically and consistently tone your muscles and allow your heart to beat faster for aerobic conditioning.

There are different kinds of equipment which are used for different aerobic exercises. Some popular equipment is listed below:

Step bench:
This is the most common piece of equipment. The height of the step depends on your leg movement, exercises and your experience levels. A beginner could start with a 4-inch step and increase the height as s/he builds more endurance and flexibility. One great thing about aerobic steps is its portability.

When purchasing a step bench, a non-slip surface is always safer and more ideal. The higher the step bench, the more intense the workout.

Stationary Bicycle:
As the name suggests, these are placed at a fixed point. An ergometer is installed to measure progress. They capture exercise data and sessions. These bikes have different features which affect the price of the bicycle. There is a wider range of stationary bikes, and you need to select one that has the correct balance of cost and comfort.

Treadmills are manual and motorized and can be quite expensive. There are different features included in treadmills such as the pulse monitor, bottle holder, and book rack. Even more sophisticated models have the ability to display video and audio to kill boredom while exercising. Treadmill size is one of the most important factors, so good storage space is recommended.

Hand weights:
Lifting weights is another component of aerobic exercises. When you are seriously trying to build muscles, 3 lbs. and 5 lbs. weights are recommended along with hand gloves for a better grip. Water aerobics also have customized weights which can be used in aquatic exercises.

‌Proper gear such as correct comfortable clothing and footwear is very important.

Consult your doctor or health-care provider about fitness equipment and programs that suit you. A membership in fitness centers can be substituted with home aerobic equipment.

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