Aerobic kickboxing


Tamika Douglas

Aerobic kickboxing

Do you feel the need to tone your body or be fit for the sake of being healthy? Healthy living and awareness have paved the way for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. For that, workouts and exercise routines are being followed.

While gymming and dancing are the most popular forms of workout, aerobic kickboxing is one of the upcoming and most preferred workouts for cardio fitness, increasing strength and improving endurance.

Aerobic kickboxing is like any other kind of aerobic exercise that combines martial-arts, self-defence, boxing, and high-intensity aerobics to scorch calories and build cardiovascular fitness. That’s why it is also known as cardio kickboxing, which helps in building overall body strength in addition to weight-loss.

Kickboxing is thought to have originated from Muay Thai, a form of close-combat martial arts in Thailand. But aside from Thai boxing influence, aerobic kickboxing also uses karate skills to develop flexibility, strength and endurance through cardiovascular exercises. It helps one build self-confidence, self-esteem, self-control and develop a positive attitude towards exercising and work-out.

In addition to that, it also helps in reducing levels of stress and increase individual stamina and energy levels. This exercise is a win-win workout that helps learn self-defence and keep your personal fitness in check.

The kickboxing exercise provides numerous benefits to the mind and the body.

A complete body exercise
This offers a full body exercise and workout where no body part is left immune. With the inclusion of kicks, punches, stretches and jumping, you can easily build and tone your body with this all-round exercise. That is why this exercise can strengthen body muscles with increased stamina and agility.

Self-defence skills
Kickboxing moves are surely going to help when you are out of your workout shoes. With continuous practice, kickboxing gives you the mental and physical strength to cope with any unpleasant situation. Knowing how to throw a punch or kick is a beneficial talent to keep in your back pocket.

Increased flexibility
Aerobic kickboxing is an art which requires rigorous training. The moves you practice improves your coordination skills which automatically improves posture, balance and increases flexibility. Exercise, in general, makes one feel confident and comfortable. Learning and enduring an exercise that is defensive at the same time is a blessing in disguise, which also boosts self-esteem.

Sharing the endnote for your personal level of fitness:
Aerobic kickboxing is a high-impact aerobics routine. It is better to avoid such exercise for those who suffer from arthritis, tight hamstrings and inflexible backs. It is advisable to consider getting your doctor’s advice before proceeding with any kind of exercise program, especially if you have an existing medical condition.

How to proceed with your training?
Consider your level of expertise, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert. Follow the given instructions carefully. Pay keen attention to the instructions and start the workout at your own pace.

Always drink water before, during and after the workout.
If the CD or the class runs for more than an hour, you are not forced to work out for the entire period. An hour of aerobic exercise is enough.
Wear clothes that do not restrict the flow of movement while exercising. Wear comfortable workout clothing to have smooth body movement.
Keep in mind that speed, flexibility, fitness and your overall performance will increase with regular practice. So don’t expect immediate results.

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