Aerobic exercise


Tamika Douglas

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic means with oxygen. hence it is clear from the meaning that there is the utilization of oxygen when it comes to aerobic exercise. It’s the way the body uses and delivers oxygen, especially during exercise.

You must be thinking about how oxygen is related to exercise, and what role it plays? Here I plan to explain a bit more about what aerobic exercises are and how they benefit your health and body.

As stated in my previous blogs, aerobics is a vigorous exercise designed specifically to improve cardiovascular fitness and the body’s use of oxygen.

Imagine yourself working out and breathing hard. Your heart is pounding over your chest, providing oxygen to the muscles to keep you going; and you sustain the task for a longer time period. This act is called aerobic exercise, which is also known as ’cardio’ in gym jargon.

Aerobic exercise is a physical activity that strengthens your heart and lungs. The exercise also strengthens the cardiovascular system which helps deliver oxygen more efficiently throughout the body.

Why is aerobic exercise so popular?
Aerobics involves different forms and types of exercise like walking, swimming, dancing, cycling, rowing, and so forth. It provides options to perform activities according to ones’ interest. If someone likes dancing, then s/he can reduce weight and strengthen muscles through dance steps; where as if someone likes cycling and walking, then they can reap the benefits through walking and cycling exercises.

Aerobic exercises can be categorised under low impact exercise and high impact exercise. Low impact exercise is one where the stress level is low and at least one of the feet is on the ground at all times. Low impact exercises help you to stay in shape by preventing any injuries. Some popular low impact exercises are:

Elliptical training
Planks and Pilates
High impact exercise is the one that is more intense and has a higher risk of injury, especially if the form is not correct. These types of exercises often have both feet above the ground while performing an exercise. Some of the popular form of High impact exercises are:

Aerobic Dance
Summarizing the Benefits of Aerobic Exercise
It improves the circulation of oxygen throughout the body
Decreases the risk of any heart-related disease
Helps in maintaining and reducing body weight
Reduces stress, anxiety and depression
Overall, it increases your energy levels and endurance that keeps you fit for longer with a happier lifestyle.

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